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Black grouse (Tetrao tetrix) is widely widespread in wood, forest-steppe and parts steppe zones of Palearctic. In Belarus it isn’t numerous and is a usual kind only in some places. It meets more often in northeast areas and in the central part of Polesye. Now the population of a black grouse numbers 45,7 thousands of individuals. Notwithstanding what traditionally black grouse is relating to the upland fowl, it avoids continuous spaces of large-scale trunks wood, however can settle in them on extensive growing cuttings down or burnt-out. In general its favorite habitats are territories where areas of the open spaces of bogs alternate meadows or agricultural landscapes with islets of low forest, thickets of bushes and small groves. Rather usual are meetings with a black grouse on growing with low forest old peat bogs, on suburbs and on dry islands of large riding and transitive bogs, in fluvial meadows overgrown with bushes and birch forest. It is necessary to note constant gravitation of a black grouse to the birch forest stands. In places where hunting for a black grouse isn’t so intensive and also at presence of shelters in the form of areas of almost impassable thickets of bushes or boggy low forest in a combination to a high herbage it can live near villages and larger city settlements. A black grouse is one of popular objects of hunting on a feather.

Methods of rifle hunting: Hunting for current, Hunting approach (entrance)
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Black grouse   

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Hunting is available in the following hunting estates:

Brest region
hunting estate Domanovo military - from 423 €
Gomel region
hunting estate Petrikov forestry - from 355 €
Minsk region
hunting estate Borisov experimental forestry - from 445 €
hunting estate Vileyka experimental forestry - from 445 €
Vitebsk region
hunting estate Barsuki - from 400 €
hunting estate Begoml forestry - from 475 €
hunting estate Dokshytsy of BSHF - from 445 €
hunting estate EuroPark - from 75 €
hunting estate Gorodok forestry - from 475 €
hunting estate Koziany - from 405 €
hunting estate Rossony forestry - from 475 €
hunting estate Rossony of BSHF - from 445 €
hunting estate Tolochin of BSHF - from 445 €
hunting estate Ushachy forestry - from 475 €
hunting estate Verhnedvinsk forestry - from 475 €
*cost € - minimum cost of a hunting tour (3 days residence, documents, 2 days hunting, 1 trophy) for this animal.