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For the choice of hunting lands and hunting estate you can use on site up to 2-3 weeks for trip.

When sending please observe Rules for filling oder.

It's important!
For entry into the Republic of Belarus with hunting arms necessary to issue an permission for arms import. The permission is issued by MIA, Minsk police or regional police. The paperwork takes 10-15 days. Order hunting tour, send data and make prepayments to advance - no later than three weeks before the expected date of the hunting. 

Order consists of:
  • agreement of dates, object of hunting, methods of hunting and hunting estate,
  • obtaining necessary data from the client (passport, a copy of hunting ducket and permission to keep and bear arms),
  • contract and invoice for advance payment for services,
  • payment of bills and signing contract,
  • execution and delivery of documents - application for the grant of a tourist visa (except for citizens of CIS), permission to import / export from Belarus hunting weapons and ammunition.
The whole procedure is carried out by correspondence and transmission of documents on the webpage of order or registration of the relevant documents in our office.

Payment of hunting tours make in belarusian rubles (BYR), russian rubles (RUB), U.S. dollars(USD) and euro EUR) by bank transfer in countries of client`s residence.

Hunting tours are sold at prices set by hunting estates. Additional payments:
- service for hunting tour organization - tourist service, including formation of hunting tour, contract registration, visa support (preparation of application), if necessary meeting/seeing at the border crossing and registration. Service cost is 35 EUR per hunters groups regardless of the number of citizens of the Russia and Kazakhstan, 85 EUR per hunters groups for foreign nationals; 
- registration of permission for import/export from the Republic of Belarus hunting weapons and ammunition - 40 EUR per weapon. 

Our company works on the basis of 100% pre-payment for services such as accommodation (all or one day), meals (optional), hunting carry out (one day per hunter), documents for permission for import/export of hunting weapons (for each weapon) and tourism service. 

For foreign citizens who require a visa, a visa application documents are sent to the embassy for free. Payment for visa is in consular offices of the Republic of Belarus.

obtaining documents
10-15 days after payment and signing of the contract it is uploaded to your order copy of a permission for the import/export of hunting weapons and ammunition from the Republic of Belarus (if necessary). Permission form usually includes the title page of permission and the application as a list of hunters and their imported weapons.

For the citizens of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan customs registration of weapons and ammunition is not carried out and all they need to print a copy of the permission and go across the border. Original permission will be at our company (tour operator).

For citizens of other countries it is need customs registration of hunting weapons and ammunition at a border crossing so a hunting expert of our company meets these citizens at the border crossing, give the original permission to soldier of the border service and passes with the hunters import of hunting weapons procedure to the territory of Belarus.

Also on the order page of client we send a message for confirmation and prepayment for hunting tours and give all the necessary contact information and features of the ordered hunting tour.

Money refund
If Client default paid hunting tour hunting tour cost is back without actual costs (payment of commission to the bank for receiving payment penalties under the contract with the company and hunting estate). The cost of tourist service and service for the execution of documents for a permission for import arms are not returned.


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