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Deer noble (Cervus elaphus) In the past has been widely widespread on all territory of Belarus. To the beginning of XIX century noble deers have been completely exterminated here. Since 1865 its re-acclimatization has begun. It lives in the mixed and deciduous woods, preferring spaces with prevalence in a forest stand of broadleaved kinds of trees and with developed underbrush. Presence in a wood of clearings, glades, growing cuttings down, various natural, and also artificial reservoirs creates more favorable conditions for dwelling of this animal. Natural enemies of a noble deer are large predators - wolf, bear, lynx. Nowadays only the wolf can represent danger to the population of this animal. Hunting for a noble deer in Belarus is strictly limited and spent only in some places under licenses.

Methods of rifle hunting: Hunting with podmanivaniya, Hunting ambush Hunting approach (entrance), Hunting paddock
Permitted terms of hunting:
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Red deer 

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Hunting is available in the following hunting estates:

Brest region 
hunting estate Ivatsevichi forestry - from 870 € 
Grodno region 
hunting estate Belaya tropa - from 905 € 
hunting estate Ivye forestry - from 935 € 
hunting estate Lipichanskoe - from 935 € 
hunting estate Novogrudok forestry - from 935 € 
Minsk region 
hunting estate Beliy bor - from 75 € 
hunting estate Berezina - from 822 € 
hunting estate Krasnoselskoe - from 75 € 
hunting estate Narochansky - from 1004 € 
Mogilev region 
hunting estate Belynichi forestry - from 1055 € 
hunting estate Cherikov forestry - from 915 € 
hunting estate Osipovichi experimental forestry - from 915 € 
Vitebsk region 
hunting estate Barsuki - from 840 € 
hunting estate Begoml forestry - from 915 € 
hunting estate Liozno forestry - from 915 € 
hunting estate Ushachy forestry - from 915 €
*cost € - minimum cost of a hunting tour (3 days residence, documents, 2 days hunting, 1 trophy) for this animal.