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 National park "Braslavskie ozera" on the shores of its largest lake. Drivyaty in agro Ahremovtsy Street. Summer 2, sold Agriturismo area 300 m2, electricity and running water in the house, septic tank and gas along a portion 0.25ga. Required capital and cosmetic repairs!
The nature of this extremely picturesque nature reserve. The preserved forest here,
lake and river, marsh complexes and unique natural monuments, traces of activity
the last glacier, make the region particularly attractive to travelers -
nature lovers and nature trails.
The plot of the estate adjacent free parking, 100 meters from which to start
nature trail "Belmont Park"
House to buy in Belarus, though not completely finished, it is possible for just $ 48,000
because going repairs, the price will increase...
Carried out planned work:
the dismantling of old wooden linings in the bedrooms;
replacement of electrical wiring and equipment in the bedrooms;
poured foundation under the wall santeh. rooms and baths;
renovated and lined with stone foundation on the outside around the house;
renovated, wood-paneled, impregnated and coated with varnish Yachting central entrance
A little bit about the area around farmsteads Ahremovtsy (manor Belarus):
Ahremovtsy (formerly Belmonty) - first mentioned in 1748.
The name comes from the name "Akhremovich" race which owned these lands in the XVII century.
Across the street, 100 meters from the farmsteads, there is a park "Belmont" -
a monument of landscape art, founded the estate of Count Potocki in the last
a quarter of the XVIII century. in the north-eastern shore of Lake Drivyaty. It was part of the palace and park
ensemble, and the name "Belmont" in French means "beautiful mountain."
The park of about 65 hectares, is the largest park of the Romantic era and the second in Belarus
Belarus' largest park is now.
In the park, in addition to native species, there are exotic for the area - Larch
Siberian, pine Weymouth, Canadian poplar, Thuja occidentalis, etc.
Previously, the park belonged to the two-storey stone palace, built in the second half of the XVIII
century on a high terrace above the lake Drivyaty known nobles Gilzenami that
Construction of the palace were carried away and had a lot of residences in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.
At the end of the XVIII century master of the palace became known in his time adventurer, Italian Count Nikolai
Manuzi who knew Stanislaw August - the last king of the Commonwealth. On belief
contemporaries, son of Count Stanislav was actually the illegitimate son of the monarch. In the XIX - early
Belmonty XX century belonged to the counts Plater.
During the War of 1812 in the Belmont palace located bet commander of the 1st West
Army Barclay de Tolly. At the same time, I visited the Alexander I, a little later than 3 days
Stayed French marshal, Murat, King of Naples. According to legend, Murat
detained in Belmonte relationship with the owner of the estate Constance Plater. Here
Murat was active correspondence, including Napoleon and wrote several poems.
Later, in Naples, Belmont poems Murat were polozhenyna music.
From the middle of XIX century, the palace housed the small private museum. The palace and the church were
destroyed during the Civil War and the Great Patriotic War, is now even possible to consider
the remains of their foundations. Near the north wing, which was once the palace chapel, built
Catholic Church (at a distance of half a kilometer from the house Ahremovtsy). Around
Park extant chapel built Plater in 1858 in the style
pseudo. Near the chapel is a group of burial mounds VIII-X centuries



About 40 km away. to the 2nd largest city of Latvia - Daugavpils 
About 170 km. the capital of Lithuania - Vilnius 
222 km. to the capital of Belarus - Minsk 
Description farmsteads:
1-story log structure (made of age-old techniques, Folk
wisdom and knowledge)
Total Space. 300 m2 Feng shui,
overlaid with brick and stone,
3m ceilings. - Covered with slate, which is a long time to serve,
6th heated furnaces with an unlimited service life,
section 0.1ga (extendable up to 25 acres), with asphalt road,
across the street from the house, inexpensive to connect gas.
You can use the estate for a summer holiday or residential home! Then, in the winter time is better
heated furnaces available. In this case, optionally all do
costly repairs, borudovat gas heating, and clean up the mess and make
necessary "under him." It is enough to repaint all, to re-stick wallpaper, or sew
Finishing materials. You also need to: replace some windows, podremontirovat
furnace, install interior doors, equipped with a bathroom with sink and replace
electrical equipment. Or to start to repair only the right wing
building with separate entrance!
The building is conserved, under renovation, 6km. Resort is located
Braslav a thousand years of history, where it is easy to find on high-end builders
affordable price.
Very emotional locals, always ready to help in everything!
Since This area is in a conservation area and far away from major cities,
not feeling that you are traveling on vacation!
Local bad earn a living in the local tourism (winter weak
season), fisheries and construction.
In Ahremovtsah it is of "Braslavsky rajagroservis" et al., In the regional center -
Braslav (6 km.) in addition to the tourism infrastructure are processing
on a local agricultural raw materials and many others. objects. In Ahremovtsah
are: average and a music school, a kindergarten, the village council, library, businesses
consumer services, medical stations, post office, 3 shops,
decent cafe.
By building farmsteads planned cap. repair:
small alterations,
obustoystvo on the 2nd floor living room with access to the central balcony,
extension to the balcony open terrace with sun beds,
distributing water in the building,
improvement of local sewage systems,
installation of plumbing,
Equipment Russian baths c wooden font,
Equipment fireplace room-kitchen-dining room,
interior decoration (wood, tile) in Old Slavic style
equipment and furnishings,
installation of new windows and doors.
In the area farmsteads planned:
landscaping and gardening,
Guest parking equipment,
CCTV and fencing the area.
From the estate, in 2 opposite directions at a distance of 1 km.,
there are 2 wild beach of Lake. Drivyaty.
On the way to one of them, a café "Belmonty" where you can inexpensively and
tasty meal to 21:00 every day except Mon.
Belarus is famous for the fact that we have a more natural and high quality,
at a lower price! - «Agriturismo Ahremovtsy" street. Summer 2.
Agro-tourism and healthy recreation in Belarus
The plot of the estate adjacent free parking, 100 meters from where
nature trail begins "Belmont Park"
turn on the attached link to the next page, choose
the route from the city to Ahremovtsy at the end of the route is marked
"Belmont Park" - in the eastern corner of the park, across the road
directly located at the intersection of Manor Ahremovcy (прокладка маршрута)
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