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Grey duck (Anas strepera) Duck In Belarus meets in a small amount in fluvial meadows of Pripyat and Yaselda, on lakes of Pripyatskoe Polesye. In central and northern parts of republic the grey duck meets seldom. It prefers to nest in fluvial meadows and other reservoirs strongly overgrown with water vegetation and having the open shallow spaces. Grey duck avoids deep lakes with wood coast. In Belarus it is not almost appreciable on flight as at migration does not form greater flocks and arrives on places of nesting for some weeks later than mallard. Its autumnal flying away passes imperceptibly, basically in September and in the beginning of October. For hunters of Belarus a grey duck is enough rare trophy because of its small number.

Methods of rifle hunting: Hunting with podmanivaniya, Hunting ambush Hunting approach (entrance)
Permitted terms of hunting:
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Hunting is available in the following hunting estates:

Brest region
hunting estate Stolin forestry - from 287 €
Grodno region
hunting estate Belaya tropa - from 330 €
hunting estate Novogrudok forestry - from 350 €
hunting estate Smorgon experimental forestry - from 350 €
Minsk region
hunting estate Beliy bor - from 75 €
hunting estate Krasnoselskoe - from 75 €
hunting estate Molodechno forestry - from 304 €
Mogilev region
hunting estate Cherikov forestry - from 335 €
hunting estate Kostiukovichi forestry - from 272 €
Vitebsk region
hunting estate Dokshytsy of BSHF - from 302 €
hunting estate EuroPark - from 75 €
hunting estate Glubokoe experimental forestry - from 334 €
hunting estate Gorodok forestry - from 334 €
hunting estate Polotsk forestry - from 184 €
hunting estate Rossony forestry - from 334 €
hunting estate Verhnedvinsk forestry - from 334 €
hunting estate Verhnedvinsk of BSHF - from 322 €
*cost € - minimum cost of a hunting tour (3 days residence, documents, 2 days hunting, 1 trophy) for this animal.