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Snipe (Gallinago gallinago) The natural habitat of the snipe covers all wood and forest-steppe zones of Eurasia. It is one of the most numerous kinds meeting in all territory of Belarus. The most typical habitat of the snipe during the nested period are woodless damp and boggy territories - inundated meadows, sedgy bogs. Thus the snipe unlike many other things kinds of sandpiper meets on the places overgrown with bushes, but only when bushes do not form the dense close thickets. A little bit less often it can be met on the open spaces of riding and transitive bogs, on boggy cuttings down. Extensive territories aren’t obligatory for the snipe; it can settle on rather small wood swamps, rather narrow meadows of small rivers and lakes. It is tolerant to anthropogenous influence, and it meets quite often on the damp pastures broken by cattle in vicinities of villages. In the spring the snipe arrives very early as soon as meadows and bogs will be cleared of a snow. The first birds can arrive even on thawed patches. In July begin the premigratory movements of snipes and its gradual flying away which is tightened quite often up to second half of October. Separate individuals can be met even later. The snipe is very popular object of hunting with gundog, but its extracting is possible also by "trampling" from a grass where it is hidden. In this case excellent reaction, but at the same time endurance and calculation are necessary to make a shot during that moment, when the bird who has flied up from under the legs, having made some throws here and there, even a little the level of flight. Thus it is necessary to watch that the bird has not left on the distance inaccessible to a shot.

Methods of rifle hunting: Hunting with podmanivaniya, Hunting ambush Hunting approach (entrance)
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Vitebsk region 
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